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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ok, I am having "maybe" blues. I maybe be pregnant. I have sore boobs, my stomach is a little sensitive, I eat way to much, and I'm sleepy all the time. But, I haven't gotten that little pink line yet that says, "yes you are! Start saving for college NOW" So.. I won't have any midnight caps, don't want to over exercise or bounce around to much, I have to watch what I eat, periodically check my nipples to see if they still hurt... But its only a maybe! Though I think its better than a 50% maybe.. But still. I need to know! They need to make at home equipment that will tell you 30 minutes after the act in question rather or not you could be pregnant. Or maybe 30 minutes before... A big red light would go off and say, "warning warning... you haven't saved up bail money for this future kid yet... proceed with caution!" That kind of stuff would be very useful!

So, I will sit at home, when I'm not sleeping, and wonder. I will apologize to my almost full bottle of Bacardi 8 and let him know he must sit on my fridge safe guarding my rum for a long time. At least he has it better than the Jaeger bottle which is camped out in the freezer.


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