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Friday, October 21, 2005

Well, I am finally done with my class. Now rather or not I actually pass will remain to be seen. I sure hope I do, but I didn't finish all of my assignments.. so don't know. I did do all of my major assignments though. I was up till midnight last night doing homework. My head felt like it was going to explode, which would have been pretty nasty.

My plans for this weekend? NOTHING! YES! It will be a great weekend!

In other news: my orange rat, Antonio, actually jumped on my shoulder last night. He has never done that before. Guess he is figuring out that I am his ticket out of the cage. Of course he tried to jump off my shoulder as soon as I got remotely near the "play zone" This is currently my bathroom, but it will become my spare room as soon as I make it rat proof. Since I no longer have any obligations besides work, I'm going to start sitting with them when they are out. One of these days they might decide I'm nice enough to be part of their little cliche... we shall see.

I'm to tired to write anything to intelligent, so that is all for now. Assuming anyone even reads this...


Anonymous Lurgha Wolf said...

... Two months later, several priests, wearing black robes and carrying several tubs of freshly boiled "Holy Water, show up at Tosha's residence, with a large wooden cross. When Tosha yells out her front door "What do you want?", they respond: "Hi Tosha, we're from the Government! We're here to help you!!!"

10:54 PM  
Blogger Tosha said...


*Runs and hides*

6:04 PM  

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