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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I posted this post, with that title, in honor of all bloggers who try and get the first post. I am a fan of a few different blogs that I spend time reading. So, I think to myself, why only take from the world when I can give? Why only read a blog when you can write one yourself? Of course in reality I have written bits of blog all over the internet... Now I will try and write them all in one place, yay! I am even going to send the link to this site to people I know in real life. I probably shouldn't, cause in a year (or less) they will probably read something that will result in some priests showing up at my house with holy water and a large cross.

So, today I am standing group duty for my job, sitting at the base all night just in case a terrorist decides to jump the fence and blow up the building, I can alert somebody. I don't have any law enforcement qualifications, so there is not much else I can do. I could attempt to pull one of the few law enforcement moves that I know on him or her and delay the bombing process since they would be rolling on the ground laughing at me. At the this current time the other watchstander is actually looking for the terrorist. So I am able to maintain my vigil in front of a computer typing on a blog.

There is not much else happening at this current moment. There are a lot of things that could happen. I could go to IT school before I turn 50 (for you non coastwise that is Information Technictian school), I might even end up living in the same state as my boyfriend! That would be great, especially if it happened before I become a 51 year old IT.

Currently though, what needs to be happening is my homework. Only 3 more days left of my college class and I will be done. I will be so happy I'll probably secrete something out of a gland or two. As long as its not something green and glowing I should be fine. I'd celebrate by wondering the bars until I find someone I feel vaguely associated with and attaching myself to them via the invisible entourage cord, but I am also on MSO cell phone duty this week. I also don't need another restraining order....


Blogger wun_knight said...

Good to see that you are standing a diligent So, is your Information Technician school like that one offered in the Navy? Just curious. I'm an Electronics Technician and I work with ITs all the time. Just dropping by. Kinda new at the blog thing myself. Sorta feeling my way around to see how I would approach actually putting out something that people would be interested in. I finally decided to just be myself and write whatever is on my mind at the time. That, in turn, leaves the door open. Be easy, and enjoy those watches.

12:27 AM  
Blogger Tosha said...

Hi, the IT school is probably close to the Navy's. We are pretty close to the Navy when it comes to rank/rate and that sort of thing. IT's in the CG monitor phone lines, computers, and any other form of comunication the CG has.

5:14 AM  

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