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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I am going to take the time to reflect... reflect upon guard shack duty. Let me tell you, there is a lot of time to reflect on this concept, when your standing guard shack duty. Espcially at a slow base like mine. I stand outside so that if anyone tries to jump the fence or use the exchange without an ID, I can notify someone. Not that many people use the exchange on an average day and I have yet to hear about anyone jumping the fence. So basically I stand inside the guard shack for 4 hours watching birds. Its very boring and makes me want to sleep. We can't sit in there and read a magazine while taking the occasional glance around. We must look alert, just in case. Do they teach us law enforcment so that if someone did try to get hairy we could take them down? No. We call the OOD. The OOD has about the same amount of training we do, they just rank a little higher. There are some people on this base who are qualified to do law enforcment (or techinically, board boats) but not that many. So, I am just outside to look intimidating. I am sure any psycho who see's a 5'4" female lounging around will run the other way.

Anyhow, that is what I did yesterday for four hours. Stood in the guard shack and tried to hold on to my sanity. The real fun part is that my knee was a little .....

continue later, got to work blah..

Friday, October 21, 2005

Well, I am finally done with my class. Now rather or not I actually pass will remain to be seen. I sure hope I do, but I didn't finish all of my assignments.. so don't know. I did do all of my major assignments though. I was up till midnight last night doing homework. My head felt like it was going to explode, which would have been pretty nasty.

My plans for this weekend? NOTHING! YES! It will be a great weekend!

In other news: my orange rat, Antonio, actually jumped on my shoulder last night. He has never done that before. Guess he is figuring out that I am his ticket out of the cage. Of course he tried to jump off my shoulder as soon as I got remotely near the "play zone" This is currently my bathroom, but it will become my spare room as soon as I make it rat proof. Since I no longer have any obligations besides work, I'm going to start sitting with them when they are out. One of these days they might decide I'm nice enough to be part of their little cliche... we shall see.

I'm to tired to write anything to intelligent, so that is all for now. Assuming anyone even reads this...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I posted this post, with that title, in honor of all bloggers who try and get the first post. I am a fan of a few different blogs that I spend time reading. So, I think to myself, why only take from the world when I can give? Why only read a blog when you can write one yourself? Of course in reality I have written bits of blog all over the internet... Now I will try and write them all in one place, yay! I am even going to send the link to this site to people I know in real life. I probably shouldn't, cause in a year (or less) they will probably read something that will result in some priests showing up at my house with holy water and a large cross.

So, today I am standing group duty for my job, sitting at the base all night just in case a terrorist decides to jump the fence and blow up the building, I can alert somebody. I don't have any law enforcement qualifications, so there is not much else I can do. I could attempt to pull one of the few law enforcement moves that I know on him or her and delay the bombing process since they would be rolling on the ground laughing at me. At the this current time the other watchstander is actually looking for the terrorist. So I am able to maintain my vigil in front of a computer typing on a blog.

There is not much else happening at this current moment. There are a lot of things that could happen. I could go to IT school before I turn 50 (for you non coastwise that is Information Technictian school), I might even end up living in the same state as my boyfriend! That would be great, especially if it happened before I become a 51 year old IT.

Currently though, what needs to be happening is my homework. Only 3 more days left of my college class and I will be done. I will be so happy I'll probably secrete something out of a gland or two. As long as its not something green and glowing I should be fine. I'd celebrate by wondering the bars until I find someone I feel vaguely associated with and attaching myself to them via the invisible entourage cord, but I am also on MSO cell phone duty this week. I also don't need another restraining order....